Oudh Lacquer

Oudh Lacquer

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OUDH LACQUER - A departure for Oud, this essence is rich, floral and edged in a gourmand flourish and steeped in natural oud. Available now for the first time as an parfum spray.

Notes Include: Linden Absolute, Cepes, Star Anise, Cocoa Absolute, Rose Absolute, Orange Flower Concrete and Absolute, Angelica Root, Natural Amber Accord, Rosewood, Laotian Agarwood Oil, Indian Agarwood Oil, Orris Butter, champaca, Cloves, Cinnamon. Set into a three year aged tincture of spices and ground agarwood chips.


Review Notes: Difficult, rich, and bitter at first sniff, a wonderful love story on skin. from the Top Ten Oud Perfumes, chosen by Gaia at The Non Blonde

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