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Notes Include: Bergamot, Coriander, Sweet Fennel, Davana, Peach, Rose, Tuberose, Spices, Cassis, Tobacco Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Moss Accord, Mitti Attar, Ambergris, Botanical Musk, Tonka Bean, Liquidambar, Guaiacwood,

Perfumers Notes: This perfume is inspired by the countless women who throughout history have taken on a masculine pseudonym or persona in order to freely express their art and be recognized as equal.
A celebration of the creative spirit.
I chose tobacco as the starting point for this perfume because I wanted to create the sexiest most androgynous tobacco scent that I could muster. Marlene Dietrich wearing a suit, holding a cigarette.
There was a time when it was considered risque for a woman to smoke. Often those who did, and did so publicly were artists, writers, performers, people outside the mainstream. Free thinkers.
We look up to many of those women today as trailblazers, and even though the current consensus on smoking has changed, we still feel a kinship to those brave unabashed women who came before.

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