scentgrrl is about autonomy and self truth, creating things that resonate within the heart and mind of a restless vagabond, always on the verge of great discovery.

Modern hybrids - essential creations that push the boundaries of natural and botanical perfume making and the mainstream, with a focus on minimalism.

This is not my first time at the rodeo so to speak. I am also the perfumer/owner of Soivohle perfumes, and have been in business there since 2002. Soivohle is a different kind of animal, born out of a desire to create strange and unusual things, complex things. From our beginnings of creating scent art installations and numbered editions in the 1990’s to the continued vision that is still alive today.

scentgrrl on the other hand is me twenty five years later, still with a desire to create complex things, but more often than not, answering the call to scale things down, be cool, chill out and allow my inner zen grrl to breathe a little. It also feels a bit like this is my super hero phase; not going quietly.

with scentgrrl, I find myself removing ingredients instead of adding them. Creating distinct lines of familiarity within my compositions. With this new work I sometimes fancy that I am channeling my inner Mark Rothko, working down a color value. With perfume making, I am working down the various aspects of ylang ylang, trying to keep it pure, and at the same time exposing all of the layers that make it unique.

………………….Liz Zorn

scentgrrl perfumes are created using a high concentration of natural materials with complimentary (often trace amounts) of perfumers grade aroma oils.
All compositions are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE.
sometimes I like to use a bit of musk or a honey note and for scentgrrl the choice will never be from an animal source.