Tobacco & Tulle - Natural

Tobacco & Tulle - Natural

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Inspired by the great Divas of the 1940's Silver Screen. Tobacco & Tulle is a study in Tuberose. Sultry rich and floral.  Earthy, smoky and seductive.

Notes Include: Tuberose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Black Musk Attar, Tonka Bean Tincture, Nutmeg, Cumin, Bergamot, Rose Absolute, Cedar Wood, Leather Accord, Valerian Root, Orris Butter, Almonds, Orange Aldehyde, Black Currant, Moss Accord.


Contains Beach Harvested Ambergris and Hyrax Tincture

Review Notes: The fragrance and wine fields can be similar in this respect, since the best of perfumers and vintners strive to create impressive illusions through the art of combination. Tobacco & Tulle is a prime example of this. by Nathan Branch

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