S O I V O H L E - how do you say that? see-vo - see-voh
What does that mean - It is an acronym. Sending Out Inspired Vibrations Of Healthy Loving Energy


Our Roots

Soivohle was born out of a scent art installation in the mid 1990’s. The first retail collection featured five natural perfumes. Launched in 2002 and online in 2005. Since then the brand has expanded to include a full range of natural perfumes and classic creations with a high natural content. Liz Zorn the creator of Soivohle is a full time visual artist and perfumer.

My aim has always been to create as an artist first and foremost, and to be personally satisfied with my work. With most of the work being inspired by my own life experience, the world stage, art, music, poetry, dance… the psycho- industrial inner workings of desire.. etc.


Our Juice


Soivohle perfumes are formulated using high quality natural, botanical and perfumers grade materials. Each formula is created first as a natural perfume. If there is a desire to add to or enhance the formula for a specific scent profile I will add a minimal amount of alternative materials to achieve my goals.
Most of the perfumes in the collections are either all natural or natural with a small percentage of nature identical or lab created aroma oils.
Soivohle perfumes also incorporate many custom natural tinctures and accords unique to our brand. Including several amber bases, natural floral accords created with isolates and botanicals.
When I do use pre-made bases it is for the most part in line with the Givaudan Accords and other offerings that also provide a breakdown of the formulas so I can recreate them in my lab. Here is where I like to take existing accords and formulas and put my spin on them by changing out many of the old school synthetic aroma chemicals and replacing them with natural isolates and botanical extracts.

I find many synthetic materials, and some naturals too harsh for my sensibilities, so I am always looking for ways to replace them and create things that I feel comfortable with. As such I am always fine tuning and adding new things to my bag of tricks.
For our carriers and diluting of materials I like to use organic cane spirits, grape spirits, natural Triethyl citrate, vegetable glycerin and to a lesser degree Isopropyl Myristate for materials that will not be use in natural perfumes.
For our oil formulations Fractionated coconut and jojoba oils are used as carriers.
Many of our perfumes are vegan.
Where musk is used I always opt for a botanical musk for our natural perfumes and cruelty free animal alternatives like civet reconstructions in place of real animal musk. I do use some animal materials such as cruelty free hyrax tincture, ambergris and beeswax and honey absolutes. and for transparency sake; Always listing when these materials are used.

I also want to mention the rapidly changing palette of natural materials now available to the perfumer. It is no longer a this or that scenario when constructing perfumes. The differences between natural and mainstream are such (now) that it can be hard to tell the difference. I like working with new materials and testing the limits. So in that regard, natural ain’t what it used to be, and that is a good thing. A better thing.