Green Oakmoss - edp-parfum

Green Oakmoss - edp-parfum

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Green Oakmoss, A deep full bodied green with a touch of tuberose and carnation soft spices, animalic undertones. The green mossy note is present throughout the evolution of this parfum.

Notes Include: Bergamot, Cut Grass Accord, Mint, Green Oakmoss Accord, Cloves, Seaweed Absolute, Rose Geranium, Tuberose Accord, Carnation Accord, Pine Needle, Civet (cruelty free) Castoreum (cruelty free), Hedione, Aged Patchouli, Labdanum Absolute, Hatian Vetiver

Review Notes: Green Oakmoss is the fragrance I was most excited to try. Initially, I was concerned it would be bland and flat, because oakmoss is generally used as a basenote, not meant to be the whole ensemble. But this is, indeed, a whole perfume, based upon the idea of the scent of green and oakmoss. It doesn’t just smell like the essential oil of oakmoss but instead contains it’s own top, middle and basenotes.

This stuff is genius. It starts off with an earthy green, almost black tea/bergamot vibe atop a mound of moss. Green Oakmoss isn’t particularly dirty or skanky, it’s a clean rendition of oakmoss, much like dirt doesn’t actually smell “dirty” when you’re gardening and scoop up a handful of soil.
Excerpt taken from a review at, I Smell Therefore I Am, by Abigail..

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