Carpathian Oud - edp

Carpathian Oud - edp

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Inspired by the Dracula Lore as told by Bram Stoker. the Carpathian mountain flora combined with the noble lineage of oud.

Notes Include: Fir Balsam Absolute, Rhododendron Absolute, Laurel Leaf, Geranium Rose, Carnation Accord, Mountain Poppy Accord, Orris, Spices, Oakmoss Base, Natural Brown Oakmoss, Amyris/Sandalwood Blend, Indian Agarwood Oil, Laotian Agarwood Oil, Oud Accord, Civet, Vetiver, Opopanax, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Muscone, Castoreum, Natural Amber
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Review Notes: To my senses, her latest composition Carpathian Oud is wistfully melodic, bright and dark as a Rom lullaby—much like the Kalyi Jag one I love so dearly. It tugs at my heartstrings with a longing for intimacy. If Bram Stoker's Dracula is Gary Oldman [and I sincerely hope it is; he is my favorite, most nuanced of all time!], then he must exude this fragrance when he seduces his prey, for it has an ancient rightness to it. Carpathian Oud is no Blood Countess perfume. Elizabeth Bathory does not enter into it; there is no cruelty inherent here, no torture—only the gently mournful beauty of the mountains, the countryside, the exquisite sense of isolation and longing for union and homeland. Excerpt from Scented Snippets written for Fragrantica. Ida Meister.

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