Hello From The Little River Valley

It's been awhile since I last rambled on about perfume, or made any major changes to the brand. This past year has been a challenging one. Since I returned to full time painting, I have been trying to figure out how to juggle two full time jobs, doing things that I love. I had some health issues that sidelined me for awhile, but I am feeling great now, and taking advantage of my good fortune.

As you might notice, I have put the Street Collection on sale. This was a mix and match of perfumes that I made when I had my shop. I added a couple of others in lighter concentration (Leather Krem and Raspberries & Black Pepper) to round things out. I am at a place now where I can either devote a chunk of time to keep this collection going in that direction, or cut the strings and let it go. I have decided to let it go. I do this because the main focus has always been on naturals and mostly natural perfumes. In this regard I am taking my lead from the wise and valued customers who have been supporting soivohle all these years. I will be expanding the Art Moderne Collection (mostly natural) by bringing back several perfumes that I had only been making by request. Included so far are: Lilacs & Heliotrope, Rivertown Road, Red Canyon Sutra, Honeysuckle Bird and Daybreak Violin. I really want to bring back Centennial as well and I have been trying to put together all of the materials I will need to make it. Some of these perfumes have unique tinctures and accords that will have to be modified, due to the inability to source the exact same things as the original. Things such as a particular Rose Absolute, or Vanilla Beans, Jasmine, Osmanthus Absolute, etc. So often these materials have a great vintage, I buy a lot and use it until it is gone. When it comes time to buy again, the original vintage is long gone and I have to start the process of finding that rare gem of an oil to complete the project.

With this in mind, I realize that there will be slight changes to the end result. Not that the formula has changes, they do not. But rather the natural materials have nuanced differences, that may or may not be noticeable to the end user.

With time being a precious commodity these days, I am also cutting my work load by re-incorporating our 50ml Signature bottle. We will also be adding a new box design that we will be using for all of our perfumes. Everything will be available in the 50ml and 10ml signature bottles. This means that I will not be making unique labels for all of the perfumes, saving myself tons of time printing and labeling bottles and boxes.

The artwork on the packaging is from a new painting of mine called Better Angels. I have been in a strange mood lately in my art studio, trying to pull from my devotional life of meditation and peace energy. Blocking out the ugliness of the world and staying focused on the things that are most important to me. I found myself going back and re-reading Lincolns first inaugural address, in particular the last paragraph. It speaks to me and I imagine to many in these heated days, where we seem to have lost our love for one another.

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Abraham Lincoln

We hear in the news that creative people should just stick to the script. That creatives not have opinions about world affairs, or if they do, not repeat them out loud. I can say that being a life long creative, it is the world that fuels the fire. Without having a deep connection and love for things like, liberty and justice,  the earth, the well being of others, creatives would have nothing to be creative about. Each of us does so in our own way. Through music, visual arts, the spoken word, literature, dance, so many outlets for creativity. So many opportunities to share our vision through our chosen medium. Whatever the motivation, for me it is an act of love. I love what I do. I could not imagine that I could have taken a different path. So here it is. Becomingand sustaining beauty, in all of it's guises, through expression, through scent and color.

and I say to people if you don't see it, the beauty, the hauntingly overwhelming emotion of life, seek it out, be a different kind of warrior. walk into the fire of love and let it consume you...

So this is where I am and what is motivating me to move forward. I hope that the new look and the new (around the block) direction of soivohle, will be as exciting to you as it is to me. That weird place that can only be appreciated by the accumulation of time, where everything old is new again.

Next Up

I have added an archive page to the website. Nothing is listed yet, but this gives a bit of information on how to go about inquiring about something that is not in the collection.  I have had some inquiry about the Acousticjus Stellar All Over Oils and I must say that I no longer have them in the collection.  This was an item as with many of the other non perfume offerings that had been available first at the boutique. Now that I will be closing the boutique/perfume shop, I will not stock any of these items. They will be a special order if available at all. They were never that popular as an online purchase, and I do not want to keep a lot of stock made up of things that do not sell. Particularly body oils where shelf life is a huge factor.

I have also placed my order for the new carrier for our perfumes. I had been using a grain based carrier. We are switching to an organic esprit de sucre. (cane) for all of the Demi's, Absolutes Colognes and EDT's. I will phase out the remaining tincture and stock and phase in the new. It should arrive by weeks end.  I will be using this for the first batch of Amun Re The Tears of Ra. The materials are set out on my bench to be the next thing formulated. After that Violets & Rainwater. No I did not forget... Time has just been beating me over the head lately.

Scentscapes™ I have done a lot of thinking about these scents and have to say that as with things in the past Olfactory Art and Perfume are like oil and water they do not mix well and the ideas do not translate from one to the other. The scentscapes will be exclusively linked to my Olfactory Arts projects. You can read more about this on my fine art website.

The new Kentucky Bourbon Rose will be a signed and numbered limited edition Soivohle Essence.  This will be available soon.  Keeping these things separate will best serve the work and everyone who has an interest in it. 

I have added some of the parfum oils (the attars) to the site. I will be adding some of the other oils as well. I do not know exactly how many of them will make the cut, but the next grouping will be from the natural oils collection.  After that I will add a few other things back to the collection and then a little break as we anticipate the move of our studio back to downtown Cincinnati.


Continue Moving Forward


Today I am starting work, again on adding the collection to the new website template and new shopping cart format. I can do this behind the scenes while everything else goes on as usual. As it stands now the shopping link will take you to the original site template to place an order. All other pages are on this new format. Once I have all of the items here on the new site I will just point the URL to the new site. It will be a seamless transition. It will also allow us to keep all of the original Soivohle emails.

The new format will give each item it's own page and menu. I will be adding everything as is. Not cutting the collection just yet. Hopefully devoting the entire week to this I will have all of the items indexed, up and running by this time next week.

We will be using a new payment structure that is linked with our Stripe account. We will also be keeping our old merchant account for awhile and offering paypal for special orders. Hopefully all of the based will be covered.

The new web design is compatible with both smart phones and tablets. I love the way it looks on my own phone and tablet. This will make it easier to order, particularly with folks on the go. I am usually on my ipad more than the computer, and use the ipad exclusively as my POS register at Studio Z.

As the technology upgrades so will the website... This is a big plus for us, not to mention the seamless way that social media is integrated into every aspect of the site. You can share items, pages, blog posts, etc... Everything is built in. So easy compared to building the site on my desktop and adding everything page by page..