Embracing The New

Well I am down to three formulas. Yep 3, three, three, three.... to be batched out for the launch of everything.. I think I am going to make my fall deadline, and could not be happier. Yesterday I batched Green Oakmoss (and I still smell like it) and Violets & Rainwater. After a little tweak to Anniebelles Rose I am going to make the perfume today. Since it had always been an oil the profile was a bit off for an alcohol based perfume, but fear not, I have fixed it..

Here are a couple of images of the new look. The Street Collection has collided head on with the old Studio Collection. It makes perfect sense because they really are the same thing. The Studio Collection began as an offshoot of our Scentual Artistry custom and customer perfumes, and Street was the incarnation when we moved our perfume shop to the new location.  I decided to keep the name Street because many of these perfumes really were a product of people walking in off the street and creating a fragrance. I made changes to them for the collection, to give them more body and a finished composition, but the reality really is Street...

Street Collection EDP, 60ml Flacon

Street Collection EDP, 60ml Flacon

After a ton of work on the new Signature Naturals packaging, it is finally finished and we can now set up the labels to be run on the big printer. I wanted to go all out with the packaging for this collection. Not since our original snap closure black box have we had such a nice set up. I was heartbroken when we lost the manufacturer of those original boxes and have not been very happy with anything since. Now I am, and even more so that my original artwork is the imagery for the box sleeve.

I am doing the same thing for the Art Moderne Collection. The best of the best of our mixed media perfumes.

and how about this website... isn't it amazing. I am head over heels about this new template, layout and design. It is more me than anything we have ever had. Everything is. I could not be happier with it.

.........and grateful, don't even get me started. A lot of fire has been walked through to get to this place, and I thank my lucky stars that I am still here walking the earth. Life can toss us a lot of crap, and it can lift us to the heavens. Enjoying this little jog through the clouds at the moment and thankful for all the wonderful folks who have helped me along my way.

Soivohle A Look Ahead

As I try to wrap my head around the possibility of warmer weather and a not so cold lab (the dungeon) my thoughts are turning to the next phase of Soivohle. I am phasing out Custom Perfumes any and all body products, oils, lotions etc... My passion and interest has always been with scent creation, and I find that veering off into drugstore fare just doesn't speak to my sensibilities. In other words I am going back to the future.. To that place where I started with interesting, quirky small run essence blends. I like to work and stay busy and the idea of creating every scent as an open edition that never ends can be overwhelming. Right now I have too many batch and bottle essences in my collection. So much so that it takes up all of my time just keeping them in stock (mostly) and up to date.

FREE FORM SCENTSCAPES™ - I have spoken a bit about this concept, and in a nutshell they will be small single run Signed & Numbered editions. The first to be released is Kentucky Bourbon Rose. There is no release date and no there are no samples available. I have had so many requests for samples since I mentioned this, that if I had given them out there would be no essence left. This edition is  less than 120ml to be divided between full 4ml bottles and a very limited amount of samples. There will be no free sample giveaways.  The scentscapes will be available exclusively through my Fine Art Website, Studio and through Fine Art Venues. They are not perfumes. Each edition will be packaged with it's own scent vessel, for enjoying the essence.  For more about scentscapes you can visit my art site here

STUDIO Z - My studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Middletown OH is really the home base for all of my work right now. It is mostly dedicated to Olfactory work but is also a place where I show my original artwork/paintings. I have maintained a retail perfume studio/boutique for the past several years and although I enjoy it I am also going to be phasing it out. Since I will no longer be creating custom perfumes I will have no need to maintain such an elaborate blending station in the studio. I have already disassembled the DIY scent station. I had put myself on a two year time plan to phase out the perfume studio, but I am going to fast track this and try to transition out in a year or less if things fall into place. What this means for Soivohle is that it will be an online business only. I have just ended my relationship with the last retailer who was carrying Soivohle, and I have no plans to work with retailers in the future. This is strictly a business decision. A larger company can absorb some of the cost of doing business with distributors and retailers, but someone like myself loses money every time.  It may look like a sweet deal on the surface, but once you crunch the numbers and figure in your time and extra efforts, it is very draining and offers little to no reward other than saying so and so carries my perfumes...

I think so many people get caught up in that I want to be a rock star mentality and think bigger is always better. As someone who has devoted an entire lifetime to the arts and the ideals of high art, I can say that it is very difficult to stay true to a vision when you allow others to peddle your dream.. It is near impossible to find just the right folks with enough insight and integrity to nourish rather than exploit you.. Believe me. LESSONS LEARNED... many times over.

STUDIO FUTURE - I am currently looking for a new art studio in the city (cincinnati) and will hopefully have something in the next month or so.  At some point my studio space will overlap with Studio Z and the new space. Once I am in the new space I will be devoting my time to painting and Olfactory Art Installations. This is where it gets tricky folks... Soivohle will go on as a retail business, but the scent work that I will be doing in the new studio will be all about the artistry of smell.... It will not be about perfume. The continuation of this conversation will be best suited to my art blog, so I will just leave it hanging here. To be continued somewhere else at a later date, haha!

As things stand now I did look at new studio space yesterday but neither place was well suited to my needs. Too many stairs, too narrow, too isolated... At first I was thinking small, but now I am thinking I would like a really big space, even bigger than my old Scentual Artistry space... Yes, I want it to be grand. I want to pick up where I left off with my scent work, and introduce more people to the idea of scent as art. This has always been my passion, and with my scentscapes and the new direction of Soivohle I feel that I am getting my life back. Hopefully others will be feeling the vibe of my renewed love for my work. Being frustrated the past couple of years has not been fun for me or anyone around me.

So here's to the future.  LZ