Lots of food on the plate this fall. Show schedule full (enough) art being amde in the studio and new things on the way with Liz Zorn Perfumes.

The Morrow Art Center will be having a Grand Opening on the 5th of October. The same day as the ACA show. I plan on being in my studio early. Plans are still up in the air for the ACA show. I plan on being there, but not for the duration.

We have begun the process of dividing my studio into areas for painting and perfume. I am going to have a small space for making natural oil and aromatherapy blends, and stocking all of our oil perfumes and body oils.
Hopefully we can have this all finished in time for the open house.


scentgrrl - I have added the scentgrrl shopping page to the website and will be updating the scentgrrl website as well.
This is a completely new adventure. After the early promotions, the response has been awesome!!

The small chunky glass mini flacons that can be helf in the hand like a tiny treasure. In celebration of this I will be releasing (in the spirit of our first launch) a collection of natural mini absolutes.
Hope to have these available by November.

I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt concern over my health in recent weeks. I am feeling much better. I do have to pace myself, and a few changes had to be made in my routine. Otherwise, I am not going down without a fight. Contrary to the end, haha!!…. ❤️ 💋