Life is hard: so I am making a few changes to how we do things online. Currently we have stand alone websites for everything, art, perfume etc, and nothing has been linked. The soivohle website will still be the soivohle website, but the web address will be
The and will still point to the home page.

The fine art site will remain a stand alone site: The link will open in a new window if you click on it, so you will not lose your place at soivohle if you decide to take a look at the artwork. is also a stand alone site but all of the shopping/ecommerce will redirect back here, making it easier to order from one place.

Eventually I will have all of the pages here, and am currently updating all of the about us pages for each perfume brand as well as my art history, bio, shows etc..

Thanks for your patience: I promise everything will make sense eventually…..