Spring Fever

Life in our little river valley has been slow and steady over the winter months.
I have not worked in my lab all winter, although I had a few things on the bench. I am doing some reorganizing and work on the shelves, and will likely be back at it when the weather is warmer.
I had planned on launching a river series this year but am still on the fence about that. As with all of my art, I must feel it artistically or it isn’t worth doing. I am not really there yet with this series, so it is better to just wait it out and do the work when the highest inspiration strikes.


SITE CHANGES: The body oils have been removed from the website. We will bring them back for fall and winter, or maybe just thru the holidays. They do not sell very well when the weather is warm. We will not be offering them as special orders.

I am excited about other artistic ventures coming down the pike for us/me, and will keep you posted.

As always I post all of the Soivohle news on the Facebook page.

Thanks and have a great spring and summer. Liz