Working From Home


My morning meditation left me with more questions today than answers, but that is often the case in life. Beginners Mind..HA!
I was able to finally get the page up for the MOROCCAN ORANGE Parfum. For so long I wanted to bring this back into the collection, but was never satisfied with the quality of materials. This has changed and I am happy to note that we will be able to produce this perfume for awhile without worrying about having to put it back on the shelf.

I have been working like a busy bee lately, trying to get a lot of things accomplished while I have the time. My MS is in it's wonderfully innocuous remitting state at the moment and I feel pretty good for a change.
This is also allowing me to make some changes in my art studio situation. I found out recently that one of the larger studio complexes in the downtown Cincinnati area has purchased the old elementary school in the town where I live and is turning it into artist spaces. This is just down the street from my house, I can walk there. I have already requested a space. So I will be moving out of my larger working studio in the art center downtown, but keeping the small space to store and show my work. This will be such a relief, as I have had such difficulty getting to the city for the past year and a half.
But back to perfume.
I am also working on the return of the Natural absolutes. These are the highest concentration of all the Soivohle essences at 30% and up. Our parfums are in a range of 20% and the new Eau de Toilettes are half the concentration as the parfums. Our numbers are a little bit different than the industry standards. I think this started to change across the board when naturals became more popular. The same percentages really do not translate well to naturals, and I think naturals need their own classification and graduated scale. But that's just me.
I have no plans to offer an EDt in the Naturals, but do intend to introduce a new 30ml for the natural parfum spray. Our traditional perfumes have always sold best in the larger 50ml size so this will not change.
SAMPLES - We continue to get a lot of questions about samples. Our Samples page should explain everything. The flat rate for sample only orders, etc. With the changes to the collection and adding the EDt's The sampler sets and gift sets are temporarily off-line until we can update the offerings.
RETAIL-I have received a few more offers to sell our perfumes in retail settings. I am on the fence about a couple of them and have been putting off another one for over a year. One I have said yes to and the rest, I will get to when I am feeling like I can pull it off. It's hard to deal with a lot of these things when people do not know or understand my situation. I really do want to be a part of the team, but sometimes things just do not work out. The fact that I do not (usually) travel because of my health has been an issue in the past, and sometimes folks are not as understanding as I would like them to be. Still, I am committed to keeping things going and staying true to my dream for Soivohle. This has always been the thing. My thing.
So cheers! and have a great day!!!