eau de toilette

I am happy to announce that we have added an eau de toilette to the Signature Collection.  Available in a selection of essences that transition well to this lighter concentration.
I decided to make this happen for our customers who have been requesting lighter versions of their favorite scents.
With the focus of our line being on natural perfumes, I tend to work with a higher concentration in mind because of the more fleeting nature of naturals. I will continue to offer all of the naturals as is.
We have added two new perfumes to the EDT Collection: Quantum Entanglement and Lizzie Rose. Lizzie Rose is my personal rose perfume that I have been making for myself in a solid for years. Quantum Entanglement is a mash up of previous perfumes with a gourmand-ish feel, that includes ambers, musk, coffee bean, caramel and vanilla.