Living The Dream

I am a restless person. I have a lot of cerebral energy that needs to go somewhere, so I channel it into painting, perfume and songwriting.
A few folks have asked me why I am changing the look of Soivohle again and the simple reason is that it was not working for us. The bottom line on sales show that we had more sales of the 50ml printed bottles than with the 30ml paper label bottles. I can't say why this is. The pricing pr. ounce works out the same.
I also wanted to cut down on my workload of applying labels to everything. It takes a lot of time to do this and I needed to find a way to free up that time for more important things.

Why are we discontinuing the Street Collection: This is simple. The street collection started out as an extension of perfumes I made for people when I had my shop. It expanded to include some other and new scents. It was never really part of the Soivohle idea, so I decided that I needed to get back to the heart of what Soivohle really means to me as an artist. Which is creating natural and mostly natural perfumes that really showcase the ingredients. Perfumes that are made out of love for the art, not the bottom line.

Over the years I have been updating my stock of materials to continue to include the best of what is available to me. This also includes replacing synthetic materials with their natural counterparts wherever available. These materials are much more costly than the synthetic versions, and as time goes on more and more naturals are becoming available. Most perfumes who use synthetics use the standard, cheaper versions. this is fine, and I have to do this as well with some materials. Often times I will weight the option of using something synthetic, or creating a natural version with what I already have. I spend a lot of time breaking down compounds and understanding what is really in a material, so that I can rebuild it naturally. In reality even with the beautiful essences that I work with, there is nothing glamorous about the actual work that goes into creating a perfume. It's tedious work. Fortunately for me, I am wired for this sort of thing. So as we get ready to go back to our 50ml bottle with new packaging, I am thinking of how I want to move forward. Soivohle is now 15 years old and I want to get back to that place where it all started, with a collection that I truly love, and truly love to smell everyday.

Moving forward, I will be focusing exclusively on the exquisite aspect of fine perfumery and the artistry of creation.
In going over my formulas, I know there are a few more perfumes that I want to include in our offerings. Perfumes, for the most part that got lost in the shuffle. It may seem like a huge adjustment to some who didn't know us in the early days, but believe me this is where the best of me lives, and it is my very best work. For the most part people come to know and appreciate this. I live in that space between awkward and quirky, and my art has always been shaped by an intangible thing that is impossible to pin down. The perfection of imperfection, or as the Japanese call it wabi sabi. Like a moth to a flame it just sucks me in and I let it.

So yes I am living the dream, sort of. A revised dream that needs a reboot from time to time to keep me in my own lane.