End of The Line

2017 was a blip. a mad dash to what?? I don't know. a lot of changes have been made. Improvements implemented and a few setbacks.
In regards to Soivohle, I had many projects started and still on the work bench. Our huile et eau collection is moving along slowly with a full launch to be undertaken in the spring. This will include a stand alone website that includes all of our oil inventory. Stellar Essence Oils, Oil blends, perfumes and water based products. We will have international shipping to many destinations. The other work that I had started, the alchemist Series perfumes Marie Louise is on hold with trials still being tested and two more perfumes that I have been wrestling with. a natural Iris perfume and a natural fig. These have been on my work bench for months with ebb and flow attention being paid them. There are only so many hours in a day.

On the art front, I moved out of my large working studio in the city and am set up in a makeshift space in my home sunroom. I still have my small space in the art warehouse and will continue to use it as gallery space. At this point I am not sure when we will be able to move me into my new working studio, but I am in no hurry. A nice stress free winter would be a gift right now.
I have a solo show coming up in May of 2017, so my attention is going to be pointed in that direction. More so than finishing and launching new perfumes. If it comes down to it, I may not launch any new perfumes next year and just focus on getting the huile et eau site up and running.

Family-wise. Mr Z is set to retire at the first of the year, and at the same time he is going to be spending more time in public service as he has been re-elected to village Council and all that entails. Something that he enjoys and is good at.
The adjustments will likely cause us some growing pains. Not used to him being around so much, and now he will be here everyday. But we will work it out, we always do.

For me, I have been feeling pretty good lately. I do have to pace myself and stick to my health plan, but aside from a few leg issues I have not had a major relapse in months. My vision seems to have leveled out and I attribute that to a change in my vitamin protocol. I have been contemplating getting back into martial arts, taking some classes etc. Not sure where that will lead, or what I have retained from the past, or if the need for balance might be too much to ask for. It has been on my mind lately. But whatever happens today I feel great, So yay me!..

We lost several of our furry family member this past year, our oldest girl, her constant companion who likely died from a broken heart,  an old feral boy who needed a last soft place to lay his head, our last outdoor boy taken by the road, and our sweet bird who had been with us for 27 years. We took in one new lost boy, but our brood is thinning out. Beanie and his siblings are nine years old now, and I am still amazed by him every single day.

With all of the turmoil and uncertainty in our country right now, I am focusing my attention to just staying calm and clear headed. The idea that everyday people can change the world seems a fantasy these days. So much is riding against us. So many hard hearts. Still, I refuse to let it swallow me up. Maybe that is the answer, do not be swallowed up.

Be well folks and be kind.. a little kindness goes a long way.