Fall, Winter 2017

It's been a crazy time around Zornville (as usual) I have moved out of my painting studio in the city and am set to rehab the smaller (adjoining) space that I have been using for storage. It's half the size, and is going to be used for gallery space, art walks and as a convenient way for my art dealers to get to my work, without driving the long distance to my house.

huile et eau - I am planning on having the new oil perfume collection available there as well as a couple other retail locations in the area.
I had planned on releasing six fall and winter scents but may trim it down to a solid three to start.

Each scent will be available as a high concentration oil parfum and a water perfume spray. We did try this once before with the Acousticjus line, but that got away from me as I was trying to juggle production and run a retail shop at the same time. Plus be a full time painter... I know it's really nuts, but it is what it is.. Without the retail shop, I do have some wiggle room to do a few things that have been on my mind for awhile.
I have been holding out on releasing these new scents for awhile, and now feel that if I don't at least put three of them out there (already batched) I will be waiting another year.

HOLIDAY SALE - People have been asking if we are going to have a web sale for the holidays. I have not decided yet. It depends on how quickly the work goes on getting the new space ready before Black Friday, which is the next gallery walk at the art center.
If we do it will be the week of Cyber Monday. So a few weeks to go before I have to make the final decision.

I have also put all of the things I have been working on aside for now and do not plan on any new releases in our main collections until next year.

Some of the packaging is getting an upgrade. The 2ml sample sprays will be individually boxed starting next week. We have finished the update on the Natural 30ml packaging, and are now shipping these.
Happy to report that all of our packaging upgrades are complete. This should keep things rolling for the next few years. Yay!!...