Burning The Midnight Oil

Taking some time off from painting to get the new Soivohle packaging and perfumes ready for fall and the holidays. We have had to order a ton of materials for re-batching some of the out of print naturals as well as the new mixed media collection Art Moderne.

I had am email this week asking how we set our prices, as well as noticing a discussion about perfume pricing on a message board, so there is surely something in the air, and maybe it got people to thinking,.. and although I don't feel I have to answer such questions, I am going to elaborate a bit here about things that are on my mind and on the table right now at Soivohle.

Speaking of perfumes only. I am getting to the place where I feel it would be beneficial to average the pricing and set everything at the same price. This will raise the prices of the lower priced perfumes and lower the price of the higher range perfumes.  I am still crunching our numbers, but also know that my cost pr kilo has gone up considerably since the last time I did my price pr unit estimations for our itemized tax sheet. Making several switches to more naturals in the mixed media collection as well as going organic with the carrier across the board has also made a difference. If you price it out, the cost of something like a natural Ionone Alpha is considerably higher than the synthetic., and although I had been using the natural Ionones for years, many other natural versions of aroma chemicals are becoming available, and as they do I switch them out with the synthetics, so that even with the mixed media scents the cost of materials are comparable to the naturals. Sometimes more so.

I get it, people like a bargain, and I try to offer various sizes and price points so that more people can enjoy the perfumes. This is why it is hard to restructure and make striking changes in pricing and volume. It will make some people angry and others will just stop buying. Each time we make a big change, we lose some people, but gain others who appreciate what is going into the creation of the perfumes.

My aim, as it has always been, is to keep bringing interesting things to the table. Keep it real and always take the bumpy road that leads into the weeds.

However I decide to go with our pricing, and changes over the next few weeks, it will be what works best overall for Soivohle. At the end of the day it is a numbers game, and the numbers do not lie. For example, this computer I am working on right now, this website, the internet connection are all part of that numbers game. It's a big game, and for a small business the game can be a bear. But we make it work. I make it work. It is truly a labor of love, but not free love. Nothing is free...