New View

Soivohle is back on line with our new store and shopping cart. We have brought back several of our oil offerings including the Essence Body Oils and the Natural Parfums as well as for the first time onine our Street Collection. The Street Collection was an exclusive product line sold in our boutiques. Now that we are online only we have combined some of those scents with oil versions of the scents in the now retired alcohol based sprays.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERING - For those folks who are emailing about International shipping, we now have options at checkout so you can place your order right here on the site. No more special paypal invoices and shipping quotes.

This is the first wave of our changes. We will also be bringing back the Absolutes and adding a line of solids. If time permits I will be launching my Alchemists Series this fall. a natural collection inspired by some of the worlds most amazing and notorious wizards.

Also coming back will be the Stellar Essence Attars.  I will add these once I have the packaging all worked out as I am reverting back to the original Boston rounds.