Soivohle News

We have been treading water so to speak this past week and likely the next two weeks. In the middle of moving the studio, so everything, details and all things Soivohle are on a must do basis until I am resettled. Orders and online transactions are as always priority number one.

I have a ton of stock from the studio to re-shelve in my workroom, and more to go through and figure out what we are going to do with it. I will not make any decisions on the Street Collection oils until later this summer or beyond.

Currently I am getting ready to bottle Amun Re: The Tears of Ra. I have sent out a few samples with orders and will continue to do this up to the launch date TBA...

The first batch of Kentucky Bourbon Rose prints will go out the first of next week. I have been mounting them in-between other things. Hopefully they will all go out by the first of June.

Kentucky bourbon Rose: LE print

Kentucky bourbon Rose: LE print

I have had a lot of questions about the studio move, so am going to address it here and move on. As you can see, we recently revamped the entire Soivohle website with new shopping cart, easier checkout and a very updated look. This was all part of the plan. To optimize the online experience so that I could close the physical location. Most of our business is done online and I have spent the past few years building the online business. With the new format we are optimized for the web, tablets and smart phones. Any way you view this new website will give you the perfect viewing experience for your device...

My new studio location will be devoted to my visual art and Olfactory Art Installations. There will be a settling in period, but this is the perfect set up for me. I can spend much less time on web concerns because a lot of what I was doing before, is now done for me with the new system. The time saved and the time saved from being at a physical location (where I could not paint) frees me up to paint more. This will not take away from Soivohle but make it better. Instead of being overwhelmed by it I can come to it with a fresh outlook and enjoy it more. Being able to do the two things I love is perfect for me. I am sure it will show in all of my work as time goes on.

Most of the news related to the Olfactory Art will be posted on my Art website and blog: and occasionally here if I feel there is a valid connection to Soivohle, otherwise I prefer to keep the two separate as there is already enough confusion about scent and scent as art etc...