Next Up

I have added an archive page to the website. Nothing is listed yet, but this gives a bit of information on how to go about inquiring about something that is not in the collection.  I have had some inquiry about the Acousticjus Stellar All Over Oils and I must say that I no longer have them in the collection.  This was an item as with many of the other non perfume offerings that had been available first at the boutique. Now that I will be closing the boutique/perfume shop, I will not stock any of these items. They will be a special order if available at all. They were never that popular as an online purchase, and I do not want to keep a lot of stock made up of things that do not sell. Particularly body oils where shelf life is a huge factor.

I have also placed my order for the new carrier for our perfumes. I had been using a grain based carrier. We are switching to an organic esprit de sucre. (cane) for all of the Demi's, Absolutes Colognes and EDT's. I will phase out the remaining tincture and stock and phase in the new. It should arrive by weeks end.  I will be using this for the first batch of Amun Re The Tears of Ra. The materials are set out on my bench to be the next thing formulated. After that Violets & Rainwater. No I did not forget... Time has just been beating me over the head lately.

Scentscapes™ I have done a lot of thinking about these scents and have to say that as with things in the past Olfactory Art and Perfume are like oil and water they do not mix well and the ideas do not translate from one to the other. The scentscapes will be exclusively linked to my Olfactory Arts projects. You can read more about this on my fine art website.

The new Kentucky Bourbon Rose will be a signed and numbered limited edition Soivohle Essence.  This will be available soon.  Keeping these things separate will best serve the work and everyone who has an interest in it. 

I have added some of the parfum oils (the attars) to the site. I will be adding some of the other oils as well. I do not know exactly how many of them will make the cut, but the next grouping will be from the natural oils collection.  After that I will add a few other things back to the collection and then a little break as we anticipate the move of our studio back to downtown Cincinnati.