The Soivohle Collection

Since the launch yesterday of the new shop pages I have had a few inquiries about some of the Sale Page Scents. Yes there are less items available. This is because they have either sold out, as much of it is low stock; or we are getting ready to relaunch a new batch. Daybreak Violin is set to relaunch as an EDT and Dog Star Cologne is set to relaunch. Riverwalk was never meant to be part of the collection. It was created for the Peace, Love and Patchouli project a few years back and only a small amount was made. I put the low stock up on the sale page and it sold out. I have since made a new batch and it is available in the collection.

I am going to do an inventory check this week and decide if there is anything that can go on the sale/low stock list.  In the meantime, what is available on the new sale page is really all we have to offer at the moment.

One thing I will not be doing right now is making one off bottles of perfumes that are out of rotation. I just do not have the time to devote to it right now unless you are willing to be on a long waiting list.

Just stay tuned, I will be adding things back to the collection as they become available. I have new batches of a few things aging at the moment and others on the list to be batched. Hopefully by the end of spring we will be back in a groove and I will have familiarized myself with all of the new website features, new payment system etc...

Thank You, Liz