Continue Moving Forward


Today I am starting work, again on adding the collection to the new website template and new shopping cart format. I can do this behind the scenes while everything else goes on as usual. As it stands now the shopping link will take you to the original site template to place an order. All other pages are on this new format. Once I have all of the items here on the new site I will just point the URL to the new site. It will be a seamless transition. It will also allow us to keep all of the original Soivohle emails.

The new format will give each item it's own page and menu. I will be adding everything as is. Not cutting the collection just yet. Hopefully devoting the entire week to this I will have all of the items indexed, up and running by this time next week.

We will be using a new payment structure that is linked with our Stripe account. We will also be keeping our old merchant account for awhile and offering paypal for special orders. Hopefully all of the based will be covered.

The new web design is compatible with both smart phones and tablets. I love the way it looks on my own phone and tablet. This will make it easier to order, particularly with folks on the go. I am usually on my ipad more than the computer, and use the ipad exclusively as my POS register at Studio Z.

As the technology upgrades so will the website... This is a big plus for us, not to mention the seamless way that social media is integrated into every aspect of the site. You can share items, pages, blog posts, etc... Everything is built in. So easy compared to building the site on my desktop and adding everything page by page..