In Transition

Welcome to the new Soivohle web layout.. I have been working on this for awhile and barely making any headway. Instead of doing all of the change over right away we are keeping the shopping pages on the original site and linking back and forth to make it a seamless transition. When you shop, the link will take you to the original pages. Nothing there has changed. For all other pages they will be here at the new site. So in essence it's two sites in one. Eventually when we get the product blocks all built we will switch it over.

NEW LOW STOCK/CLEARANCE - I have been getting a lot of requests for Riverwalk, the scent from the Patchouli project. It is now available on the Clearance page. Daybreak Violin is also available there.

SOCIAL MEDIA - I am going to take advantage of the social media linking from this wonderful new format. Most of my pages are LizZorn or Studio Z.. which includes both my Scent work/Soivohle and my Fine Art/Painting.  This includes Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I currently do not have a Soivohle facebook page (long story) but will consider creating a new one.

NEWSLETTER/MAILING LIST - I am going to try something new.. Since this website format has a nice integrated blog, I will use this as our mailing list. Anything new will be posted here. Sales, Releases etc... Feel free to follow this feed. This will be all Soivohle...

As of this writing we now have two web addresses. (the original site which is shopping cart only) and this one Once all of the work is finished with our move I will point the to this new site and the transition will be complete. All mail will still go to the existing working mailboxes at and ... This will not change..