Soivohle Naturals

As many of you know, I began this journey with a small collection of natural perfumes, and sometime after the first of the year Soivohle will once again be devoted to naturals. In recent months I have split off the Acousticjus line to a website of it's own, because (for the most part) it is easier to ship and ship internationally, since the AJ line are all oil based. We just launched an etsy store for AJ and have a stand alone site as well.

I plan to add a section at for some of the natural AJ oils, as I have been doing a lot of combining of orders via paypal, for people who want to order from both lines at once. We were doing this back in the beginning of AJ and now it seems that it is a good idea to do it again. So there will be a Soivohle version and an AJ version of some of the offerings. Think "private Label"

After closing my perfume shop in Middletown back in May, I have had the desire to focus more attention on the naturals. We sold a lot of things in the shop that were not available online and I am trying to sort through it all to find the very best to offer my customers online. I am also still juggling for space in my home lab and work/stock room. Moving all of the inventory and second blending station back to my home lab has created a cramped space. This will get sorted out after the holidays and all of the shipping.

I am currently working on a revamp of the Essence oils. Little Bohemia, Sitting Lotus, Nocturne, etc... This image is of the 60ml bottles that will be discontinued in favor of the 30ml. this is purely a sales decision. The 30ml outsold the 60ml by a wide margin. I get it, these are not cheap, and people would rather invest in smaller versions so they can have more variety. I will also have a sampler set. and.... I am introducing two new scents. Laughing Buddha and Root Chakra.


We will not be making any bottle changes to Soivohle until we have run through the rest of our 50ml flacons. We will still have the 11ml spray and will add the 4ml (currently just available in Amun Re) to all Demi Absolutes. Eventually all of the essences will be available in a Demi, including Underworld, Oudh Lacquer, Tobacco & Tulle, Cumberland Ti and others. I am getting ready to do a trial run of the Oudh Lacquer in the new Demi. Hope it is as good in real life as it is in my head (ha ha)...

Many of you know that I am a painter and maintain a working art studio in downtown Cincinnati. I divide my time between perfume and painting, and am always trying to find ways to combine the two. With the changes coming to Soivohle I decided since there would be no bottle changes, I would update the packaging. I am taking details from one of my new paintings and creating all of the box labels. This painting is called Closer, and it really represents all of the things I have been feeling and wanting to do with Soivohle.  I love when things come together in harmony and this is a perfect example of that. The earthy tones, the black and gray, ochre and umber, sienna, that run through this painting are from the same color palette I was working with when Soivohle was in the idea stage back in the late 90's. When I was creating scents primarily for gifts and special requests. It's amazing to me now how much has happened over these past years.


I will probably make small changes as I go with the new offerings and site changes, rather than saving it up for a big splash all at once.

People are asking what will happen when the mixed media scents are gone. The answer to that is a new line. I am going to go back over our sales receipts of the past year and pick the top sellers from the mixed media collection and use that information to start a new brand. I think people will be a bit surprised by the results, as the scents that get most of the press and recognition rarely are the ones that sell. This has been a real learning curve for me. But it is just like art. The work I love the best nobody else likes. The work I am not all that crazy about sells like it is going out of style... I will never figure it out, but will always continue to follow my heart and instincts. Even when they may be a bit off the mark.

Thank You for your continued support of me and my work.