What's New Now

As our fall/winter sale is in full swing, I wanted to take the time today to update the website with new items and readjust some of the sale offerings.

I have added a 50ml size to some of the sale low stock items, where we have extra stock on hand. these are still unboxed items and are at the 50% off as is everything else in the mixed media collection.

NEW ON SITE - TOBACCO & TULLE has been added back to the naturals line up. this is available in the absolute, but I also have it in the demi, will add this soon.

MEERSCHAUM - in the demi absolute. This is back in stock after a long absence. Now both the absolute and demi are available.

BLOOD ORANGE & VETIVER -  demi absolute. It has been a long time for this one. I was not sure that I would ever re-release it due to the lack of availability of the various vetiver oils used in the original formula. I have changed it only in that it is made with one kind (Haitian Organic) vetiver instead of three. I have also increased the Carnation Absolute note and the concentration all around. It is the same scent, yet slightly warmer. Nothing else has been changed.

NEW RELEASES - Our winter powerhouse SOLSTICE is set to re-release on the Winter Solstice, in it's original concentration as an absolute. I thought long and hard about this and decided on the absolute. It really does make a difference with some things and for Solstice it really shines as an absolute. I have fallen in love with all over again and can't wait to put it back out into the Universe.

PARACELSUS - an homage to the mad Swiss scientist/alchemist and occultist. Someone I have been fascinated with since childhood. This new natural demi absolute is a leathery tobacco rose chypre. It will launch in December.

ABOUT OUR CHANGES - As you can see from the website we are selling off all of the demi absolute stock. Soivohle is going back to being an all natural brand and I will be creating a new mixed media collection to be released sometime next year, with a new website, new name and new packaging.  I have yet to decide on this collection I will be reintroducing some (very few) of the existing scents and some other things like Moroccan Orange and Violets & Rainwater. Nothing is set yet, but it is in the works.

As much as I love creating both kinds of perfume, there tends to be a lot of confusion and questions about the perfumes. Is it natural, does this contain synthetic musk, does this contain animal musk, do you use natural alcohol, etc... I will be streamlining the Soivohle site, offering a more precise Q&A with vegan tags where appropriate, and listing on each product page any ingredients that may be an issue for folks, such as animal musk, ambergris, honey oils, as well as possible allergens.

It's a big step for me, as I have been building this brand for over 12 years. But what is life if we do not embrace change and growth. Making these changes will allow me to really fine tune the collection on both fronts.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. It has and will continue to be a fun and passionate adventure for me, and I hope for you too!!