Soivohle Fall News

After a brief vacation from the interweb Soivohle is now back online. I have added Dog Star Cologne back to the line up.  I will also have a new stock of Solstice ready for our traditional Winter Solstice release later in the season.

There have been some changes to the Sale/Clearance page. Some things have sold out and others have been added so check it out if you are looking for something special that is no longer in the main collection.

Acousticjus is now online at with several of the natural blends that we carried and made in house when Studio Z and Scentual Artistry (our perfume shops) were open. There is a link to the new site in the Essence Boutique drop down menu.

I have a few things in progress in the lab, but due to this unusually harsh ragweed season I have been unable to smell anything properly, so am taking it day to day. I even had to take one of my cats to the vet for a severe ragweed allergy this year, which was a new experience.

I have had several requests for the return of Geranium Rose Mint and am working on this one and will be adding Tobacco & Tulle Absolute back to the collection next week.